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Welcome to the BERGHOFF Group

The Berghoff Group

For more than 30 years, the internationally active BERGHOFF Group, with some 120 employees, a production area covering around 17,000 sq ft and the 3-Step Vertical Integration Process® that it developed itself has been one of the global market leaders for the mechanical processing of highly complex components made of titanium, tungsten, aluminum, copper, steel, tool steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

  • High Mix
    High variant diversity of workpieces and components
  • Low Volume
    Batch sizes from 10 – 10,000 parts per year
  • High Complexity
    High level of complexity with regard to components and processes

Modus Operandi

3-Step Vertical
Integration Process®

The 3-Step Vertical Integration Process® is based on a strategic partnership and combines the extensive experience of the BERGHOFF Group, which was accumulated in many operative customer projects involving the vertical integration of mechanical production processes, intensive cooperation with universities and research institutes in the domain of trend-setting production technologies in order to create so-called ‘supplier ideas’ designed to make customer products more competitive with regard to quality, logistics, technology and costs.


As the premium make-to-order specialist in the field of operational customer projects, BERGHOFF provides the following services as part of its 3-Step Vertical Integration Process®:

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Furthermore, the BERGHOFF Group cooperates intensively with research institutions and universities for the purpose of introducing innovative processing methods into its production process ahead of its competitors, e.g. in the fields of additive manufacturers and assembly in clean rooms.

Industry 4.0 is another cornerstone of the BERGHOFF Group strategy. BERGHOFF sees industry 4.0 as a topic with relevance for the future enabling the company's production to be even more flexible, cost-effective and customer-oriented. Products that are perfectly tailored to suit the needs of customers are manufactured fully automatically, using machinery and equipment, organized and controlled largely independently through computers, data networks and communication technologies.

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Thanks to "supplier ideas", the BERGHOFF Group has been able to set itself far apart from competition.

As part of the strategic partnership and an intensive communication and innovation process, the BERGHOFF specialists continually endeavor to make customer products more competitive in terms of their quality, logistics, technology, and costs.

With their experience, expertise, knowledge and know-how, the BERGHOFF specialists get fully involved in the customer's technology, development and information processes, thereby helping the customer's management to make the right decisions about their products.

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Would you like to get to know the BERGHOFF Group, find out more about how the 3-Step Vertical Integration Process® can improve your competitive advantage, arrange a personal meeting or request a specific offer? We look forward to hearing from you.

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A Focus on High Demands

Key Sectors

Strategic partners of BERGHOFF usually come from highly demanding sectors, who in turn are looking for premium suppliers. BERGHOFF customers are characterized by particularly high demands when it comes to processing quality, security of supply and above all communication processes.

The lowest possible risk when it comes to supply often has the highest priority for BERGHOFF customers, and it is one of the main reasons why they choose a partnership with BERGHOFF.



Increasingly lighter. Continually lower consumption. Ever-increasing payloads.
This is how BERGHOFF sees the demands of the aerospace sector.




Reliability, environmental safety and cost effectiveness – these are the most important requirements for BERGHOFF with regard to gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and large motors.



Medical Technology

Flexible and efficient manufacturing solutions are demanded.
BERGHOFF helps its partners minimize the development risks associated with new products.



Oil and Gas

Access to new resources and the demand for new technologies – always with a focus on sustainable environmental protection.
Challenges for which companies rely on BERGHOFF.



Pumps and Extruders

Smaller batches, customer-specific compounds and an optimized energy balance.
BERGHOFF has been a reliable supplier of ideas to the pump and extruder industry for many years.



Semi-Conductor Industry

Ever-increasing throughput. Increasingly smaller structures. Continually cheaper microchips. BERGHOFF fulfills the extremely strict requirements for mechanical components.



Our current Certifications

17Good Reasons

BERGHOFF only works together with customers on the basis of strategic partnerships. And there are plenty of reasons for this – here are 17 of them! Simply click a reason to find out more!

Perfect results need three things:
extensive technological expertise, enormous innovative capacity and the synergy of both.

Based on this mix, BERGHOFF has the developed and successfully implemented the 3-Step Vertical Integration Process® - in particular, to meet highly complex and very individual customer requirements.

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Vertical Integration

When partners pull together as a team and stand for each other's goals, interests and intentions then a client-contractor relationship is transformed into a strategic partnership..

Long-term, transparent and results-driven BERGHOFF adopts the mindset of its partners.

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Looking ahead rather than back, technology leader rather than a passive - this is the motto of the BERGHOFF Group and the reason why it has forged close links with universities and research institutions.

The goal: be first to introduce new processing methods and technologies to the market.


With its extensive range of machinery, which is among the most technologically advanced in Europe , BERGHOFF sets new standards of automation, precision, manufacturing technology and flexibility in the milling and turning of parts of up to 5,500 mm and 25 tonnes at fully air-conditioned production sites with a total area of over 180,000 sq ft.


QLTC – quality, logistics, technology and costs are the four key attributes on which BERGHOFF specialists focus every day to make the products of the customer better, more competitive and innovative.

SUPPLIER IDEAS from BERGHOFF give customers the competitive edge

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Supplier Ideas

Each customer is assigned a contact partner as key account manager for his project

Instead of detours and "I don't know" answers, customers are provided with an exclusive service on all matters by a competent and engaged partner.

Requirements for a
account manager

From experts for experts: BERGHOFF plays to its strengths and focuses on a few particularly demanding key sectors.

Focusing on our strengths rather than risking spreading ourselves too thinly!

Key sectors

Customers receive all services along the vertical integration from a single source from one partner, lean and efficient.

The One-Stop-Shop-Principle used by BERGHOFF makes even the most complex supply chain management straightforward and hassle-free.

Impact on the total
cost of
supply chain

BERGHOFF specialists are professionals What they do, they do well , throughout the entire production process, and at every stage of operational customer projects.

Nothing more and nothing less!

Production expertise

This is what numerous top companies from all over the world that commission complex projects each and every day with BERGHOFF think of the BERGHOFF Group, as well as the juries of renowned awards..


BERGHOFF always seeks to locate its production facilities in places where there are the best brains, most dedicated people and most advanced high-tech industry markets of the future.

In Germany, Switzerland and in the United States, BERGHOFF has reiterated its role as a world leader and benefits from the various location and currency advantages.

BERGHOFF locations

Certificates are proof that a company can deliver on its promises, meet the highest quality standards and make a commitment to continuous improvement.

BERGHOFF has obtained all significant certifications and permissions, such as EN 9100 for the aerospace industry and ISO 9001.

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If something goes wrong, it is usually attributable to the people involved rather than poor planning, lack of knowledge or technology issues.

People who produce excellent work results must also be able to communicate effectively –delivering value and substance.

Points of contact

Responsible, ambitious and sustainable business committed to its employees, society and the environment:

BERGHOFF is an owner-managed family business.

Mission statement,
vision, mission,
core values

BERGHOFF plays an active role in the society, industry and quality circles, in bodies and industry associations.

BERGHOFF gives personnel, financial and logistical support, in particular, to Kinderlachen e.V., a charity association, which aims to offer disadvantaged children a better future.

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Kinderlachen e.V.

The commitment to sustainability concepts and Green Manufacturing forms an integral part of the vision and mission of the BERGHOFF Group.

The fully air-conditioned production sites are among projects rated by the Federal Ministry for the Environment as model projects because they have been developed and built to the highest environmental standards.


The BERGHOFF employees have been handpicked to include the best brains, enthusiasm and commitment, who have the necessary expertise, communication skills and a vision to succeed.

BERGHOFF searches the market for the best people, who are prepared to take on responsibility and deliver quality and results.

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Whether it’s the shifter knob of a Bugatti Veyron, tank pipes for an Airbus A400, or components for chip manufacturing.
The most distinguished and innovative companies in the world rely on BERGHOFF.


PurchasingBecome a Supplier

Do you think you would be an excellent addition to BERGHOFF as a supplier? You provide high quality raw materials, offer complementary services such as surface technologies, for example, or would like to become a partner of BERGHOFF within the area of mechanical processing? Then please feel free to send us your company profile.



BERGHOFF is more than just a company, since it is also totally committed to helping many associations and initiatives.


Kinderlachen e.V.

Member of the donation committee of the association, which supports severely ill and disadvantaged children.

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Mein Papa liest vor

Member of the initiative that wants to support working fathers and strengthen their image as role models by having them read to their children.

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Europäischer Sozialfond


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SÃœDWESTFALEN - Alles echt!

Member of the association that is dedicated to establishing the area as an attractive business region for specialists and managers

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